My name is Jonathan A. Price. As an artist, I strive to balance strength and beauty by combining beautiful women with fantastic settings, accessories, stories and motivations. Through both digital and traditional art, I try to explore the endless capability of the human form as a canvas to apply ever unique, random, uncommon concepts and ideas. My process begins by taking in as much influence and inspiration as possible from attractive subjects in photography, modeling, even cosplay, as well as movies, video games, and fine art, while ever searching for a fresh approach. I do my best to avoid the familiar as I plan the details of my character designs.

My current work explores something less than commonplace in the art realm–the presence of strong, beautiful female characters fantasy, sci-fi and pinup themes that just happen to be black. I sought to fill the void in my own way by producing a collection of 100 illustrations focused on that very subject matter. The free nature of this project also affords me the opportunity to practice different styles and mediums, from traditional ink to digital painting.

Though, while much of my work concentrates on singular illustrations of idealized female characters, I am no stranger to sequential art, digital coloring, or animation featuring all kinds of characters, and am fully capable of exploring other subjects, as shown in my comic, game and prose writing works.

I’m the mind behind the original properties known as Nia Black (Beloved Weapon), Jet Dancer, WEAPON Combat League, Dualmask and more, prominently displayed on Facebook, Instagram, DeviantART, Amazon and other places on the web. See my Products for Sale page for more information!

Specialties include:

  • Cel Shading
  • Pinup Art
  • Character Design
  • 2D Character Animation for games


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