WCL Casual Series

One thing I’ve thought about countless times during the development of WEAPON Combat League is whether the characters’ super suits, or WEAPONs, were really the best things they could wear. While overall feedback has been positive, I have gotten some sparse criticism about the characters looking too much like assembly line action figures, too similarly structured to one another, and I thought about designing them differently over the long course of WCL’s existence.

My newest venture in this regard is my WCL Casual series, where I draw the characters in regular-ish clothes with some elements of their suits added, along with their established color schemes.

I started with WCL’s mascot and most oft-drawn character, Faith Roberts (Lumina):

Casual Faith

Along with her street clothes, I included her gauntlet from which she can fire blasts of light energy or restore energy to herself and teammates.

I followed up with Faith’s antithesis in the story, Vanessa Cyrus (Strife):

Casual Vanessa

She seemed to be more of a hit. Her dark poisonous energy emanating from her gauntlet may have something to do with it. Or maybe there are other reasons.

Next up is Maxine. Unlike the previous two, Maxine does not have energy projection capability, so combining her WEAPON with casual clothes was tricky.

Casual Maxine

I opted for armored shoulder pauldrons that glow and send energy throughout her muscles.

I roughed up poses for all the female WCL combatants, but I’m not feeling many of the poses and I will likely change them.

I also want to include the males at some point (there are a lot more of them).

It’ll be slow going since I’ve picked up a few commissions that I need to prioritize, but I think it’s vital for an artist, especially a freelancer, to make time for personal projects no matter the size of the workload.

More to come! Thanks for reading.

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