January Update

Hello and a belated Happy New Year!

Just wanted to share what’s been happening with me since the last time I posted.

Despite the outcome of the poll, I found myself leaning toward getting back to work on WEAPON Combat League comics, and in case you haven’t seen it, a new chapter has been added, titled Another Way. It’s the start of a series of chapters that delve into how the actual League is formed and what drives its creation in the story world. It’s a short chapter that’s light on action, but contains some compelling story elements if I do say so myself. The next chapter to come will feature more characters and the action will return as the first team to form in the story, the gold team Polaris, takes its first steps toward their bond.

And speaking of the Polaris team, I got the idea of producing poster illustrations showcasing the teams and their powers, and because Polaris is first chronologically, they’re the first team poster I put together.

I deliberately made it match an 11×17″ aspect ratio so I can make prints later–maybe WCL will become popular enough that people will actually want to buy them! Time will tell…

I’ve also started posting WCL comics on Webtoons. I’ve heard a lot about it…it would be nice to get lots of subscribers and ratings there, but I’m not super invested in the platform yet. I do like that it integrates with Patreon, and I am in the process of building a Patreon page for those who want to support WCL financially. Are there any rewards that might interest you, such as process videos, layered page document files, discounts on product sales or commissions?

In other news, besides plotting out Clash in Session, the next chapter in the WCL comic saga, I’ve just wrapped up a commission in which a fan and friend wanted one of my RPBs, Jaquila, wielder of the power gauntlets, took out a couple of evil henchwomen. It was fun to do and I felt honored that someone paid me to draw my own character for them!

From here on out, unless I pick up any more commission work, my focus is going to be wholeheartedly on WCL: Clash in Session, which I hope to be through with by mid-to-late February. I’m planning 16 pages, but it’s a thick chapter and may go for more.

Feel free to let me know what you think of WEAPON Combat League! This story has been near and dear to my heart for entirely too long and I feel like I’m finally at a point where I am confident enough to turn it visual, the way I’d always wanted since coming up with the concept way back in 2003.

Thanks for reading!