Jet Dancer Demo

The controls are viewable in the help and options menu or when the game is paused. Here is a list of advanced techniques: UPDATE: Tutorial level added.

Rebound – Hit the Kick button the moment you land a blow on a target with a jump kick. Jet Dancer will launch in the air and reset her double jump, enabling the player to gain new altitude. This will also increase her Damage Stock (the chevrons under her health gauge).

Backflip – press up and the Kick button at the same time. Jet will execute a backflip that evades enemy attacks and hits twice, in front of or above her. Note that this drains her power gauge, so it’s not possible to do a full speed dash immediately after backflip. However, backflip is a powerful attack that will keep the player out of harm’s way. This cannot be done in the air.

Split Kick – press down and the Kick button at the same time. Jet will do a split, attacking enemies on both sides. This move launches small fireballs from Jet’s boots that enable her to hit foes from a distance, and she is invulnerable until she starts to get up, so split kick doubles as an evasive technique. This, like backflip, drains the power gauge, and cannot be done in the air.

Dash Kick – simply hit the kick button in the midst of a dash and Jet will slam her boots forward. If she hits a target with this move, she will automatically Rebound, with all that it entails. Note that while Dash is invincible (and can be done in the air), Dash Kick is not.

Charge Kick/Kick Cannon – If Jet has damage stocks available, pressing the Charge Kick button will unleash a large fireball from her foot that causes heavy damage to foes. This move can be done in the air. Even without damage stocks, Jet can still do the charge kick at close range which does more damage than standard kicks, but is slower. If Jet is at max power (damage stocks glowing), she can fire infinite kick cannons for a short time and she does double damage.