I like to design characters for comics, video games, stories and just for fun. I pride myself on my strong and sometimes sexy character designs, vibrant digital colors and efficiency when working on projects both personal and professional.

I have dabbled in many mediums including comic book art, fiction writing, 2D game development and even a bit of 3D. I’m always searching for new ways to enhance and improve my work and my skills, and welcome challenges.

I’m the mind behind the original properties known as Nia Black (Beloved Weapon), Jet Dancer, WEAPON Combat League, Dualmask and more, prominently displayed on Facebook, Instagram, DeviantART, Amazon and other places on the web. See my Products for Sale page for more information!

Specialties include:

  • Cel Shading
  • Pinup Art
  • Character Design
  • 2D Character Animation for games

All artwork on this website, unless otherwise indicated, is © Jonathan Price Art. No work posted here can be used commercially without written permission from me.


How do you make your art? My art is mostly digital from start to finish. At times I may use pencil and paper, but most of the time I draw on a Cintiq Companion 2 (Windows 10) using Clip Studio Paint. I recently acquired an iPad Pro as well, and I find MediBang Paint and Clip Studio Paint the most comfortable programs to use on that device, though I also dabbled with Procreate and Comic Draw.

Why do you draw so many women? I’ve always found the female form to be the most compelling presence in existence. Not in a purely sexual way, but in the same way one might see beauty in a flower, a landscape, a sunset, a starry night or so on. For me it’s not about objectifying women, but in expressing my appreciation for what I believe to be the universe’s most perfect and natural work of art. While some may look at my work and think of me as merely a low-level pinup artist, I am always striving to show respect for the unique combination of strength and sex appeal that can only exist in the idealized woman, without reducing them to simple sexual fodder.

Will you collaborate with me? Generally no. I find that when most people say ‘collaborate’, they really mean ‘use your skills and your time to make my idea a reality‘. While I like doing commissions, it’s always been my dream to take my own ideas and make something of them. Now, I’m not against the idea of getting help in some other way, such as someone coloring for me, but since I’m not able to pay other artists what I think they deserve for that kind of work, I am better off doing things on my own, hence why I’ve taught myself how to be a competent artist, writer, colorist, how to make animated sprites for my games, and so on.

Can you teach me ______? I’m available for short term mentoring. I can help you with figure drawing or digital coloring at a rate of $20 per hour, via screen sharing through Skype. Contact me and we can arrange a time.

I think your character design is offensive. That’s not a question… well, I believe artists should be able to create what they want to create. Since the feedback I get on my work is mostly positive, when the rare complaint comes in about something I’ve made (for instance, Jet Dancer’s barely-there attire) I give it the attention it deserves, but in the end I adhere to my original design philosophy and will not cater to any vocal minority when it comes to my work. If I don’t find merit in the complaint, I won’t change anything. For instance, Jet Dancer’s design is intentionally sexy; always has been, always will be. Making her more family friendly would literally defeat the purpose of her existence, but one point of the character is to show that sex appeal doesn’t mean sexual content–nothing in Jet Dancer’s universe, or any of my art, is pornographic. Jet’s mantra is ‘fun and freedom’, which is what I believe art should be all about.