Products and Books

The 100 Girl Art Book is available now! This ebook features 100 illustrations of my Random Practice Babes in a variety of sci-fi, fantasy, and pinup themes, in full color. Get your copy through Gumroad or Amazon right now! Also available in PRINT and digitally through IndyPlanet!
Jet Dancer: Dance 1
Jet Dancer: Dance 1: My first comic book, based on my original character Jet Dancer. The first chapter of her origin story is available digitally on Amazon and Gumroad, and in print on IndyPlanet!
Beloved Weapon
Beloved Weapon is a prose novel starring Nia Black, a modern-day Robin Hood with superhuman strength, a penchant for fast motorcycles and guns, and a desperate need to find her place in a world of corruption.
WCL: WEAPON Combat League Books 1 and 2
WCL: WEAPON Combat League: An epic novel set in a fantastic future where anyone, young, old, honest or corrupt can give themselves super powers through a new technology known as the WEAPON, and the fighting tournament created to prevent civil war. Read parts one and two on Amazon!