WCL 1 -Clipped Wings

The Aces, led by Quinn Royce in his Saber WEAPON, are the most notorious thieves in Terradin. After another routine robbery, the guys are on easy street, until Keith, Quinn’s best friend and right hand man, challenges him to the ultimate heist–robbing a storage depot run by the law itself, the Defense Force! Can Quinn and the crew pull it off? And why is Keith so eager for the Aces to do it?

Thank you for reading! However, I have determined that this comic project is no longer a worthwhile pursuit in regards to my creative goals, and this comic will be indefinitely suspended. I will be shifting my focus to character design, pinup art and game development for the foreseeable future. I appreciate everyone who took the time to check this out, but considering the minimal feedback it has received, and my own feelings about working on comics, I feel it is time to shift focus and go in a different direction.

Thank you again. P.S., this comic is cancelled, but WEAPON Combat League is not.