August Update

In the wake of the completion of the RPB Book I’ve decided to move onto my next project, which is finally getting my WEAPON Combat League property off the ground. I actually completed the first chapter in the story in comic form sometime last year. I had a data loss that cost me the original files from that comic but I thankfully uploaded a PDF onto my DeviantArt Page so I was able to salvage the completed pages at least.

My intent is to put the comic online through Patreon. I want to have enough content to make it worthwhile to readers, so before I make the page go live, I’m going to complete the entire second chapter, which I call Clipped Wings. A few of my online friends and supporters have read this chapter a long time ago; it’s a core component of the WCL story that introduces one of the plot’s major rivalries and central characters.

WCL: Clipped Wings Page 1
Page 1

My goal is to have all 16 pages of this chapter drawn, inked and colored by the end of August. To this end, I am moving away from commission work and putting aside other mediums I tried in the past. I’m shelving ZBrush, game development, and Jet Dancer for a while so I can focus on bringing this concept to life.

Watch this space for further updates, a link to the Patreon page will soon follow.