JET DANCER Released!

Just wanted to share some news…
JET DANCER is officially available for purchase on STEAM and!

Plays well for both PC and Steam Deck!

JET DANCER is a retro-inspired action platformer with beat-em-up elements. It tells the story of Jenna Delgado, who happens to be a living weapon in the form of a beautiful woman. The last member of a series of genetically engineered super soldiers, things went awry and she escaped from her creators, choosing to use her strength (and rocket boots) to protect the innocent.

But the head of the project, Serin Drakonis, was not done with Jenna. Finding her after a lengthy search, he sends his robotic army to capture Jenna. But certain they wouldn’t be enough, Serin also ordered Jenna’s older ‘sisters’, other synthetic warrior women, to draw her into traps and take her down.

Jenna must use all of her power and potential to destroy Drakonis’ army and end his obsession with the pursuit of power once and for all. But Jenna may find there’s more to it than just stopping Drakonis…

JET DANCER is a linear action game. The player proceeds through a variety of levels, using kicking attacks (and one uppercut), powerups and high-speed dashes to traverse obstacle courses and destroy a multitude of enemies, from gun-toting snipers and wall-mounted turrets, to lumbering bulwarks with impenetrable shields and walking bipedal tanks. It has all the classic features: score, lives and continues. Play well, get high scores, and find the bonus coins throughout the levels to improve your chances at victory.

Jet Dancer’s boots are the basis of her might. With them, she launches explosive kicks, can easily soar through the air with rocket-powered leaps and cover great distances both horizontal and vertical even though she can’t actually fly. Kick combos are great, but Dash Kicking or Stomping, and using the explosive force to Rebound from targets, ascending to greater heights of damage and performance… That’s even better. And the tight, responsive controls make moving Jenna through the air, from foe to foe and out of the way of danger a joy.

While the game only has one difficulty level (at first), the player has some control over how difficult or easy the game can be. Powerups are more frequent when the player takes damage. Losing all your lives takes you to the Game Over Shop, where coins can be spent on temporary boosts to Jet’s health, attack power and energy gain, and even extra lives, that can make a dramatic difference in the level of challenge. Be careful though, as every purchase increases the costs of others… use the boosts if you need to, but as ever, the best strategy is to get good!

The story is told via text and hand-drawn cutscenes (that the player is free to skip). A reasonably skilled player should be able to reach the end of the game in less than three hours. But it will be a fun journey!

Skilled players and completionists can also have fun filling out the list of (in-game) Achievements (Accolades) too!

Again, JET DANCER is available NOW on STEAM and!