NEW: Battle Pirate Prints Available

I’m experimenting with selling prints. Although I am currently selling the RPB Book, I’ve began noticing that some people have expressed interest in singular illustrations from the book (and other artwork I’ve done) as opposed to the whole thing, as not all of the content appeals to everyone.

Therefore, I’ve decided to start making prints, and where better to start than with my most popular illustration of the year, the Battle Pirate? Printed on glossy 11×17″ cardstock paper in vibrant color, I have a limited number of these available that I will sign and send to you for only $15. Domestic orders only. You can buy directly from me by clicking below:

Amount: $15.00

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Validating payment information...
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Currently only 10 left in stock!

Is there anything else you’ve seen in my gallery you’d like to have as a print? Feel free to comment or contact me and let me know! Here are some ideas I have in mind for future prints:

  Jade Assassin Stratos Guardian (play her game in the <a href="">Arcade!</a>)

  Ivanna Gun Girl

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