WEAPON Combat League

WEAPON Combat League, or WCL for short, is a story I created in 2003. It revolves around the titular WEAPON, a power suit that gives individuals special powers. The twist to this story is that the WEAPON is like a wearable, physical computer program: users can create and design the powers themselves. The story is focused on “custom” WEAPON wielders, those who gave their suits unique abilities and cause problems for the populace. The League is formed when General Patricia James of the Defense Force realizes that merely fighting and trying to arrest the WEAPON wielders would cause more problems than it solves, and the League is a way for society to embrace the culture of custom WEAPON development, rather than treating it like a criminal activity.

But some people in the General’s circle feel differently…and some others would rather enjoy seeing the destruction of the citizenry. As the League carries forth, as teams battle for supremacy and as rivalries are formed and settled, a dark force secretly conspires to bring about war and destroy the military from within, and it will come down to the WEAPON wielders, the very people shunned by the populace, to save it from destruction.


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