Progress Report

The state of the girl book is as follows:

I just finished a new one; I call her Thorny Rose.thorny-rose

As of this writing, I have 35 illustrations. I am seriously considering getting to a nice round number (say, 36 or 48 or another nice-sounding less-than-100 number) and putting out a lesser version of the book.

I need a decent working title for it. I’m pondering format as well, physical, digital or both…probably both since POD sites exist, and I’m sure I’d like to have a few physical copies on hand should I ever decide to vend at a comic convention again.

I want to try other things. Ideas have been flying in and out of my head, such as:

  1.  A small 2D fighting game featuring a few girl designs from the book. I’ve been thinking a few of them would look great in action, such as my Hoop Ninja.
  2. Studying Blender and learning 3D modeling so I can turn a few of them into 3D-printed figurines, or perhaps pay someone to do it.
  3. Getting back into comics. Maaaaybe.

I still have a few ideas yet, and I think my motivation is returning so I might be able to actually turn a few of them into fresh new and quality illustrations.

Thanks for reading and feel free to chime in with any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or rants!