Happy Fourth of July! What better way to celebrate independence than by drawing what I want?

A busy week with my family meant little time for working on projects with depth such as the Sannaa game. But I still managed to get a few promising illustrations done here and there.

In no particular order…

Flute Girl

An illustration I drew from reference based on a pose by Stefania Ferrario, I loved the way her figure looked and had to capture it as best I could. The hand positions made me think of a musical instrument so I adapted that into the final illustration along with my signature flair for fantasy backdrops and big, curly hair.

Feedback on the image was extremely positive (more so on the lines than the colors perhaps) so I went ahead and added the image to my Redbubble store. The figure alone can be printed on clothing and stickers and the like, while the full image with the backdrop can be purchased as a print in many different formats.

Lady in the Veil

Gotta love creative titles.

I actually sketched the rough version of this quite a while ago, maybe sometime last year, I don’t quite remember, but I felt the need to clean it up and turn it into a complete image recently. This also came from a reference I believe, not entirely sure, but I was proud of how I designed her outfit, such as it is. I did also create an NSFW version but it didn’t add anything worthwhile so I never posted it anywhere.

No plans to render this any time soon, but in a moment of free time I may use it to practice coloring techniques. Should I take this further, or is it good enough as is?

Arachnid Girl

Warning to those with arachnophobia…

Another illustration I just randomly drew up from a figure whose pose and anatomy compelled me, but I took it much further than the reference, which is one way of making a subject one’s own. On top of her exaggerated anatomy, the embellishments I made to this one made it a fun production from start to finish.

This is probably the most in-depth color piece I’ve done this year so far (most of my time so far was spent working on game dev and other endeavors) so it was a shoe-in for Redbubble. There’s no transparent version of this though…I figured the fact that some of her ‘limbs’ are cropped would look weird without the backdrop.

Succubus Goth Girl

While this is still in WIP state, and I do have plans for coloring it, I liked this sketch enough to share it as is. I was happy with her figure’s anatomy and sex appeal, which drove me to start laying flat colors and plan a background. Although, as is, with just the figure, I feel like it could make a decent sticker or decoration for a T-shirt or something, so it’ll probably end up on my Redbubble store as well.

I designed it to be versatile–every element of her “attire” as it were, even the wings, can be removed or altered… maybe I’ll render all versions and post variations somewhere else.

UPDATE: I spent the majority of this afternoon coloring the illustration on my Galaxy Tab S7+ and have since uploaded it to various social media as well as Redbubble.

These aren’t the only drawings I’ve done in recent memory, but these are the most prominent. I’m anticipating more time to focus in the coming days and weeks. I’ll be able to illustrate more as well as get back to the bigger projects I’m working on. Sannaa’s desert level isn’t going to program itself.

I’ve also been reposting classic illustrations that you may or may not have seen on my Instagram feed. Go there for a more frequent, steady stream of my work both classic and new.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!