Art Recap: March 2020

Hello everyone, and welcome to Jonathan Price Art’s updates from the previous month. And welcome to Spring! Well, I’d like to say that, but it’s still rather cold where I am…

Anyway, my productivity was pretty standard last month, with a few commissions here and there. For starters, there was another curvy fantasy warrior woman from my Redbubble client:

…And a couple of commissions from deviantART clients:

Someone through Instagram even hired me to make a series of model sheets. This isn’t precisely what I was paid to do; the sheets had more diagrams and details on them. However, I kept this base form of the sheet in case others found some use for it.

Though admittedly, I have less to show this time around due to the fact that I’ve been studying ZBrush. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to show for my efforts. I’m comfortable with the software on a basic level and I understand HOW to build things. But my mental block comes from being unable to decide WHAT to sculpt. I’ve done a ton of blockouts, such as this one:

I joined Shane Olson’s 3D Character Workshop in an attempt to learn how to sculpt stylized figures. I studied many of the lessons and managed to make progress on a bust by following along:

And I even made a semi-decent hand blockout:

But even with the vast amount of knowledge available, I’m struggling with figuring out what I want to make. The course encourages sculpting from others’ art, but that’s not why I want to learn ZBrush. My goal is to make sculpts out of my own concepts, like these:

However, with commissions coming in more frequently, it’s getting harder to focus on learning ZBrush. It’s becoming quite a catch-22. I want to add more value to my work by learning this new skill. But, it’s hard making time to study it because of the commissions for what I already know how to do.

Of course, getting commissions is a good problem to have, and I’m not complaining. I just need to get better at time management…and stop sketching stuff like this in my spare time…

…Even though I started drawing illustrations from these thumbnails, such as this:

Prints and more available here!

She’d probably make a nice ZBrush model too…

Anyway, that’s it for this recap. Thanks for checking out my work and I’ll see you next time!