Illustrations – 20220219

I need to come up with something consistent to title these blog posts. Anyway, I’m coming off of a sort of drawing binge, having managed to produce a new work of original art every day for the last week, far more than I did last time. So here we go!


This one was something of a struggle. The pose and its perspective were a bit challenging for me. That being said, I think it turned out fairly well.

Happy Gal

I wanted to push her expression in this original art. Felt I needed to get away from the calm, sultry, or relaxed look. I don’t draw toon styles enough, but I’m going to take measures to rectify that in the future. I’d like to do more images like this: And yes, gotta love the Dualmask pasties. Unlike most of the images here, the pose and appearance were straight out of my head.

Au Natural in Nature

Despite how this looks, it’s a digital illustration. I had plans of printing the rough and using it as a base for a traditional drawing, but I reneged because I enjoyed the look I got from MediBang Paint’s rough pencil here. I may color it in the future.

Strappy Swordswoman

This one was inspired by a model I saw on Instagram. The pose was just too alluring to ignore.

Crop-Top Girl

Another model-inspired illustration, I gave her a top that is both too big and too small. I thought it was eye-catching.

Magical Body Paint

This was just an exercise in figure drawing, and I added the glowing bits so she wouldn’t totally qualify as NSFW. That said, there is of course a version without the bioluminescent body paint. I was really happy with the colors and effects I put together in this simple piece.

Afro Puff Huntress

And finally, the last original art I drew for my binge. With this one, I decided not to add cel shading, and instead focused on details and spots of heavy black to give the image some depth. Despite the overall lack of ‘pop and shine’, this one is probably my favorite of the bunch. I felt like with her weapon and overall appearance, plus the simple but clear (not abstract) background, there’s almost a story here. I almost feel like giving her a name and a story.

Next time, I’ll post some recent commissions and, if things go well, I should be showing off a new boss in the Jet Dancer game, as well as a new series of illustrations that will be a little less random, updated concepts of a series of characters I came up with in the past. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!