The Latest DM Girls

I’ve been pondering getting away from the name ‘Random Practice Babes’ because it’s kind of lame. Something simple and clean like DM Girls (Dualmask’s Girls) might be the way to go for future branding.

Anyway, I drew a couple over as many days and thought I’d share them here. Keep in mind that the following art is NSFW.


I like the pigtails/twin tails hairstyle for some reason. I often use it in games with the option to customize. I’ve even drawn Jet Dancer with the look before.

When I pick a pose for a figure, whether through reference or imagination, I usually don’t decide on the hairstyle until I get far enough with the figure, and I almost never use the hairstyle that may have been in the reference. I like to make the image my own in small ways.

I am also a fan of the bottomless look. Something about a woman wearing a top with no bottom is extremely sexy to me. I did produce another version that also lacked the top, but I liked this one better. This was drawn in MediBang on the iPad, but I also used Procreate to add a few extra touches.

Hoodie Booty

Okay, that’s a lazy title, but it fits. This one was based on a reference but I drew her face and the outfit, as it were, from the top of my head. I liked the expression I whipped up, and felt motivated to see the drawing all the way through.

One of my artistic weaknesses is feet. I often get them wrong; the shape is really tricky…so I used an additional reference by taking a photo of my own sneakers to base her footwear upon.

Procreate has interesting effects and filters that other programs either don’t have or hide very well. One of them is the chromatic aberration effect; I used it slightly to enhance the drawing. It’s a fun little touch that I like the look of.

For this one, since I did it entirely in Procreate, I do have a time-lapse video of the process.

Considering my website should be the core of my art business and promotion, I’m planning to do this more often. Expect to see more illustration work, and more insight into my thoughts and creative process.

Thanks for reading, more to come!