News 20220207

Hello, and welcome to the latest updates from Jonathan Price Art.

I really am trying to be more frequent with posting. I had a bout with COVID last month that slowed me down a lot, but I still managed to put in a little work here and there. I’m fully recovered now and back to work in earnest. As ever, I’m balancing the development of my Jet Dancer game project with freelance illustration work.

Jet Dancer Game Progress

I feel comfortable saying the Jet game is coming down to the wire. In other words, I’m close to completing all the content I planned for it, and believe I can release it this year. Some ideas that I showed off in the past are going to end up on the cutting room floor. But that’s necessary. Always adding ideas means I’ll never settle.

A screenshot from one of the final levels in the Jet Dancer game.

I only have a couple more stages to program, and one major boss fight. Admittedly, I’m more eager to just get the project done than anything–I have other characters, game ideas and approaches I want to explore. I want to go simpler with my gameplay and graphic creation, maybe even learn how to use pixel art.


While the Jet game has caused me to slow down on my illustration work, I still manage to produce imagery here and there. I post most of my latest works to my Instagram page but it may be time to update and improve my portfolio here as well. Here are some works I’ve done in the last several weeks that I think turned out well:

…And a few recent commissions:

Before I forget, I also just kind of silently produced a new e-book last year. I’d been doing a lot of figure drawing practice. So I decided to take the refined images I’d done and combine them with older, but never-before-seen NSFW variants of images I’d posted previously, and put them in a 30+ page digital art book I call Comfort Zone. I think I spoke about the idea before, but I recently acquired Clip Studio Paint’s EX upgrade and decided to put its eBook-making ability to use. So if you’re interested in the saucier side of my illustration work, I’d love it if you picked that up.

I think that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!