Trying out a print store

Have you ever wanted to buy a print of my work?


Well please consider it, because I’m selling prints of my work.

Right now I don’t have a whole lot in stock, but I chose two of my more popular pieces (comparatively speaking based on deviantART and Instagram feedback) to start with:

Nafasi, Goddess of Space
Battle Pirate

I am just testing the waters for now, but soon I’ll add more and fill up the store, accessible through the top menu or An experienced professional artist a while back advised that I should focus more on selling my own work instead of chasing commissions. Since several of my illustrations have gotten positive feedback, I’m inclined to agree. My goal has always been to build my creative career based more on my own art than on freelancing. This is an avenue I haven’t tried yet.

I have a lot to learn, but I’m open to it. So please, feel free to shop and any feedback would be appreciated.