Here’s a couple of character designs I did recently.

I colored this one for fun while enjoying shows on Netflix. I like to draw random characters as a cooldown from working, although this drawing isn’t new. Here is the original sketch.

Maybe it was nicer as a traditional drawing…

Another one that is more recent from start to finish is this unnamed Sorceress Lady. I based her pose loosely on a photo but the outfit is completely off the top of my head.

I actually drew the original image in ArtFlow on my Galaxy Tab S7+, then printed it in blue and went over it with ink on cardstock paper.

Outside of that, I’ve been working on character design commissions and the Jet Dancer game. Yep, that’s still a thing.

A new level in progress. Jet engages with the mechanized forces in a park.

I’m hoping to have the game finished by no later than this time next year. I am developing new levels, but I’m also reminding myself that, as Steve Jobs once said, “Real artists ship.” I have to move the project forward, onward, and eventually behind me so I can get on with the next thing.

There is a build of the Jet game playable on this very site, but it’s slightly outdated. The mechanics are similar, but I’ve tightened up a lot of things since I posted that demo. I’m planning a new one soon, one that will give me a better sense of how the game plays in the hands of people who aren’t the developer.

If you join my mailing list, you will know exactly when the next stage happens. I will be updating this blog more frequently with all my creative activities going forward. For now, thanks for reading!