20210919 – Game Dev and Traditional Art

My work currently consists of two major themes right now: the Jet Dancer game and my efforts to produce and sell traditional art.

Jet Dancer Game Progress

The Jet game is moving slowly but surely. For the first time in a while I have real momentum toward building content for it. I’ve developed new levels and a new boss in progress. I’m working on a stage that starts with Jet using her boots to skim across water while pursued by enemies, naturally. The follow-up is a pier stage where a boat bombards our heroine from the background. This segues into a boss fight with one of Jet’s sisters. It’s intended to be more in the middle of the game, so the difficulty is above average. I haven’t fully developed every aspect of it, but things are progressing smoothly.

Traditional Original Art

On the drawing side of things, I’ve been practicing traditional (pencils and paper) figure drawing. I sketched several drawings on cardstock paper. Some were at 8.5×11″ size, while others were smaller. The smaller ones were just for practice, but I thought my penciling turned out rather well. So well, in fact, that I decided to scan the traditional drawings and color them digitally. They are almost all NSFW, so I’ll share the one that isn’t (totally) explicit here:

Two ideas float in my mind regarding these traditional drawings: One, just share them. As digitally-colored images, they’re not likely to be all that marketable, except maybe as prints/stickers and the like on my Redbubble store. (Two of the more revealing ones are there already, check that out!) I might be better off just posting them to social media to get eyes on my work.

The other idea: resurrect a little idea I have called the CZ Book. CZ stands for “Comfort Zone”–a title chosen for obvious reasons. Drawing women is my favorite thing to do, so a book filled with such drawings (like my RPB book before it) seems like an ideal product for me. I already have over 30 images I could add to such a book. But would anyone buy it? Several of the drawings I’d planned for the book have been shared online already, thanks to my general indecisiveness. Just because they’re online doesn’t mean many folks have seen them.

Perhaps I’ll just do both. People can see them online, or pay a nominal fee if they want an easily-accessible collection of images on an eBook or PDF file. Any input or opinions would be welcome.

Traditional Fan Art

I’m also experimenting with non-NSFW drawings. I actually drew two pieces of fan art traditionally recently. I drew Marvel Comics’ Psylocke (one of my favorite mainstream characters):

And DC Comics’ Wonder Woman (a character I don’t have strong opinions about one way or the other, but she came up first in a random Google for ‘female super heroes’):

I drew these illustrations for the main purpose of selling them. The question is how. I’d like to see if my art really is good enough to sell. I should hope I don’t have to have a million followers to start this process.

There are other drawings, but they’re not really all that special. Right now, I’m just practicing, focusing on getting accustomed to drawing traditionally again. I need to come up with better compositions and improve other elements of my art, beyond figures. Don’t want to rely on fan art; I’m not really passionate about it, so drawing fan art would be the very definition of selling out…that being said, I’ll sell out if it means I actually sell my work.

Well, that’s my latest update. More to come, thanks for reading!