December Update

I know I said I would be posting a game development diary for the Jet Dancer game, but that kind of fell by the wayside when I started picking up some commission work. It got me back into the vibe of illustration, and I’ve produced a number of random girl drawings as well as my commissions.

The results are in for my poll. Though I had intended to leave it open for the entire month, no new entries have been added in a week or so, so I decided to move on. And, probably surprising no one, the majority of the few votes I received made the Jet Dancer Graphic Novel to be the winner.

So, I’m going to devote some time to that project. It’s over halfway finished really, although a lot of it is old and a good amount of it can be seen online for free (20 pages of which are on this very site), there’s a significant amount of content to go and it should still make for a worthwhile product when it’s all done.

And in light of that, I felt the need to create a new Jet Dancer illustration, the first time I did a full color one in quite some time and only the second time I seriously drew the character this year. In light of the time of year, I decided to dub it ‘Jet Dancer 2018’.

Jet Dancer 2018!
Jet Dancer 2018!

That piece might just end up being the cover of the sixth chapter of Jet’s graphic novel, though that’s a ways off. Chapters 2, 3 and 4 need finishing. Chapters 1 and 5 are already done.

Expect to see more Jet as time goes on, because I’m going to be getting back into the habit of drawing her in action…and in other situations.

This may naturally lead to the continuation or restart of the Jet Dancer game as well. Can’t very well just let that fade away.

2018…the Year of the Jet? We’ll see…