Getting back to work on WCL

I don’t know how my followers feel about WCL. Few people say anything, but this is the project that means the most to me. It keeps coming back, no matter how I try to convince myself to draw girls or make games or learn ZBrush or do something with Jet Dancer, WEAPON Combat League is the only thing I’ve created that truly keeps my interest.

So I’m working on it some more.

I’m in the process of making the first two comics, Discord in Darkness and Clipped Wings, available for purchase. I know the comics are already online and can be read for free, but I have nothing to lose by trying the print route, especially considering many people don’t like digital comics. Besides, I can’t take webcomics to comic conventions or art shows, now can I?

To facilitate this process, I’ve produced covers for the first two chapters:

WCL 0: Discord in Darkness Cover WCL 1: Clipped Wings Cover

I’m happy with the work I’ve done so far, and I’ve always been proud of the story I’ve written. My art has some weaknesses when it comes to making comics, but the only way I’m going to fix that is to keep working on them. Wishing and hoping isn’t going to make the art better, and WCL will never have the fan base I’d always wished it would if I keep shying away from it.

Discord in Darkness is already available on Amazon and it’ll soon be available on IndyPlanet as well as in print. I’m taking care of Clipped Wings today.

My next move will likely consist of finally resuming the comic and drawing “Clash in Session”, but since the existing third chapter, Another Way is only eight pages, I’m thinking I’ll combine that with “Clash” and make that the third comic, even though it will be longer than the previous two (and closer to a standard comic length).

I’ve said it before but I think I mean it this time…I don’t want to work on anything else except WEAPON Combat League. If this costs me my current following, such as it is, it was bound to happen anyway. I have to work on what makes me happy, and balance that with building an audience.