Recent Commissions

I recently had a plumbing emergency, and reached out for commissions to help fill the financial gap. Several folks came through and helped me in my time of need. Here are the illustrations I produced for them!

Regina Amethyst for ArchivistX on Twitter

Collena Browne for TheKEYBLADEkid on Twitter

Lady Sankofa belonging to James Mason (Urban Shogun Comics)

Odette and Laiken for Kal_aMari on Twitter

Za’thira (my character) versus Purple Vixen and the LILACS for Dangerfan on Twitter

Cassandra Pittman a.k.a. Fireball belonging to Courtnee Blackmon

Mona Jones a.k.a. Dart (belonging to Courtnee Blackmon) racing Jet Dancer (my character)

Unnamed original character belonging to Brandon Pilcher

I’m thankful to everyone who hired me in this time of need, it was a great help. Truth be told, I’ve only been just getting by lately and I feel I need to make commission/freelance work a regular part of my life again. Eventually I’ll develop another indie game I’m sure, but for now I need more frequent and immediate income and my art seems to be one possible way to make it happen. So if you are interested in:

  • character illustration;
  • character design;
  • comic work;
  • digital coloring;

…or perhaps even some short-form game development featuring original characters, I’m perpetually open. Contact me, let’s work together!

Thanks for reading!