Time Lapse Digital Coloring Video – Kijani

Hey everyone, I decided to spend some time making another video of my digital coloring approach. I don’t do this enough, as some friends and family have told me, so I’m working on making more of a habit of doing it.

As part of the Zathira shmup, I’m designing a number of ‘elemental deities’ to serve as bosses in the game, and I’ve decided to draw some basic concepts of them. Those concepts turned into pinups of course, and the first one I fully rendered was Kijani, Goddess of Green.

Without further ado, here is the video. Enjoy!

My primary approach is to render shadows first using the Lasso Fill tool, then follow up with highlights. I did a lot of experimenting as the video shows, and I have a lot to learn still. Hopefully by reviewing my process and getting feedback, I can continue to improve. I know next to nothing about actually making video content on a regular basis, something I need to change. Let me know what you think!