Zathira Development Update

While I haven’t spent much time actually making assets or coding, the Zathira shmup game is very much still in progress. I’ve been doing more research and development work in the background to ensure this project doesn’t fail. To that end, I’ve committed to doing concept art and sketches while writing lots of notes and outlines planning how I want the game to flow.

For example, I sketched up several attack ideas that I may create for the player, though the how and why has yet to be determined.

Lots of shots planned.

I think many of those will be fun to code, but I need to create challenges equal to Zathira’s firepower.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on developing the boss goddesses as well, continuing the trend set when I illustrated Kijani. To date, I’ve fully rendered four of them (slightly NSFW content):


Nafasi, Goddess of Space
Space Goddess Nafasi


Abyss Goddess Kuzimu
Abyss Goddess Kuzimu


Earth Goddess Dunia
Earth Goddess Dunia

And while I failed to record rendering videos for those three, I did make process GIFs of the latter two. I suppose I could do so for Nafasi as well, if anyone is interested, but the process is largely the same.

Finally, though not necessarily related to the game, I plan to sell prints of all eight of the Goddesses. Already, Kijani and Nafasi are available in my Redbubble Store but I want to do something a bit more lucrative and try to eliminate the middleman in some way, perhaps by printing the images myself and selling directly. Would anyone be interested in that? Or if you have any other suggestions, I’m open.

I think that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Watch this space for the other four Goddesses and more game development work.