What’s Been Up – March 2023

I admit it–I’m in creative limbo. I want to make more stuff; make a new game; sell traditional illustrations. Even been pondering returning to the realm of comics, something I’ve never really done all that well. But alas, all I can seem to do is continue to practice drawing.

(Warning: NSFW art ahead.)

Since leaving DeviantArt, I told myself I would pay more attention to my website and talk about what I’m working on more here. However it’s hard to put that at the forefront when social media is more immediate and gets more attention. I’ll do better.

I had ambitions of selling traditional art, so I bought cardstock paper, pencils and pens and drew a bunch of NSFW illustrations. As is my habit, I’ve done a bunch of illustrations of lovely ladies. Everything here is for sale, so contact me if you want a traditional illustration signed by me (and if you have a custom commission request, I’m open to that as well).

I produce these by starting with a very small digital thumbnail that I expand and print out. Then I draw over the printout using pencils, inks and markers using a light table. This is how I keep them clean. I’m working hard to improve my traditional drawing and coloring skills.

I also drew a few images digitally using my iPad Pro. Normally I use Procreate, but I also decided to try a new (to me) app, Adobe Fresco. In some ways, it’s a Procreate killer, the least of reasons being that it’s free to try and has a lot of functionality without cost.

Finished designing the playable character sprites for my would-be Dualmask game, but that too is on hiatus for now. I haven’t decided what project I’m going to pursue yet.

From left to right: Chain, Infiltrator and Dualmask, my ‘Vigilante Trio’

In the meantime, I’m seeking work as a character designer, illustrator and colorist.

Thanks for reading!