What’s Been Up – May 2023

Hello! Just wanted to share and vent about things going on lately.

I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m not really heavy on ideas right now. I tried many things since releasing the Jet Dancer game, but none of it really stuck. So I’ve been turning my attention to drawing just to keep active. I drew several traditional illustrations in graphite and pen, some rendered with markers or pencil shading, and even with colored pencil.

To be honest, I’m not seeing a light at the end of this non-creative tunnel. Used to be a time coming up with stories was as easy as breathing, but these days it feels like I never knew how to do it. It feels like I never wrote a novel or made a comic book before. I’ve been trying to find inspiration, develop characters from my past like Dualmask and the cast of WEAPON Combat League, but the drive just isn’t sticking.

I find myself wanting to improve my overall art skills. Inspired by artists on Instagram, I turned my attention to drawing traditional work, both original and fan art. I enjoy doing it, but it doesn’t seem to be moving any needles either. Been trying to sell originals, but no one is biting.

To be blunt, I’m sensing a personal decline but I don’t know what to do about it. It may very well be time to open myself to new things like requests, art trades, or even DTIYS (Draw This In Your Style) themes. Evolution sometimes occurs whether intended or not, and I might just have to accept that the artist I was is not the artist I am or the artist I will be in the future.

I do know that I don’t want to quit. Drawing is pretty much the only thing I enjoy doing, aside from gaming. But I also want to make a living doing it, or at least a side income. Commissions have been all but nonexistent this year, sales have stopped and I feel like I’m just starting to fade out. I want to fix it.

I’m wide open to suggestions.