Beloved Weapon – my first product

Hey you guys, I ran across an interesting comment today. Someone essentially said “don’t stop pushing your first product; comics and books don’t expire”. And they’re right.

Did you know that I am a writer too? I don’t mean “I like to put words together that sound cool on blog posts and comic pages” but that the first product I put out for sale was actually a full-length prose novel? It’s on my products page but I haven’t really gotten in depth with what it is since it’s been a few years since I wrote it, but for a long time, this story and its protagonist were basically my flagship, signature production. I’ve made a lot of online connections in the years after I wrote the book and I figured there might be people interested in this book, a product many have told me remains the best thing I’ve ever created.

In line with much of my other creative work, it’s a story about superhumans and combining the human body with technology, but this story is much more mature and violent than the works I’m doing these days, and provides high speed chases and intense combat along with emotional drama and passion in equal measure. The title is BELOVED WEAPON, and I dubbed it a “Modern Urban Sci-Fi Adventure”.

It is the story of Nia Black, a woman mysteriously born with superhuman strength and heightened senses, who uses her abilities to aid in criminal exploits. She focuses her violent attention on a huge defense contracting megacorporation that focuses on human-weapon hybrids and advanced weapon technology, and they are in turn after her. Meanwhile Nia has relationship issues, abandonment issues and a pressing sensation of equal parts guilt and fear that builds up after every crime she commits, and just when she considers getting out, an adversary gets too close to her personal life and pulls her back into the battle. When she finds her very livelihood being threatened because of the mistakes she’s made, Nia realizes it’s time to turn her life around…but not before putting an end to the corrupt defense contractor that would see her powers harnessed for their own nefarious ends.

Available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!