Updates: September 2022

Well, this month I had a birthday. Didn’t do much to celebrate it, just been doing what I’ve been doing: moving forward on the Jet Dancer game.

I’m getting close to the end of the development process, at least when it comes to content and functionality. All the stages have been complete for a while and I’ve been polishing up a lot of the game’s finer points.

Been hard at work at the cutscenes too, and at this point I can comfortably say that all the game’s cutscenes are finished save the final ones, i.e., the ending. Here are a few choice images:

Once finished with the cutscenes, there won’t be much else to do outside of polishing and fine tuning the game. I need to make a new option menu. I’m also working out how I’m going to do the closing credits; after all, it’s a very short list.

By the way, if you want to play a sample of the Jet Dancer game, as a reminder I have a demo available. It now features the game’s first FIVE stages including a boss fight! You can play it here: https://dualmask.itch.io/jet-dancer

But while the Jet Dancer game is getting the lion’s share of my attention, I’m still wide open for commissions and freelance illustration work!